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JIU JITSU: A Fighter Will Rise On the New Poster for the Martial Arts Sci-Fi Epic! (Action-Flix.com / Jun 29, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Just this week, I brought the word that Jiu Jitsu, the new martial arts sci-fi film starring Alain Moussi, Nicolas Cage, Tony Jaa, Frank Grillo and JuJu Chan had started production. The film which is being helmed by Kickboxer: Retaliation director Dimitri Logothetis combines the best of the action and sci-fi genres and with the talent involved, the fight sequences should rock the house!
A press conference was also held to promote the film and all the stars and director were in attendance and check out some pics from the event below courtesy of award winning Hong Kong director and action master Antony Szeto who was on hand at the event! ... View More

Max Zhang and Anderson Silva are at Odds On the New Poster for THE INVINCIBLE DRAGON! (Action-Flix.com / Apr 22, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

In THE INVINCIBLE DRAGONZhang stars as a tattooed undercover police officer, who while investigating a series of murders with his elite team must contend with the kidnapping of his fiance. All of this erupts into all out war with a mysterious American combat veteran (Silva) who is up to no good whatsoever. 
The rest of the cast includes Annie Liu, Richard Ng, Kevin Cheng, Stephy Tang, Zhang's SPL 2 cohort Louis Koo (the upcoming Warriors of Future) as well as JuJu Chan who has also starred in SAVAGE DOG with Scott Adkins and also the upcoming action-thriller HOLLOW POINT with Luke Goss and Michael Pare.... View More

EXCLUSIVE: INVINCIBLE Director Daniel Zirilli & Marko Zaror Reunite for the New Film AFFINITY! (Action-Flix.com / Mar 14, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Director Daniel Zirilli is probably one of the hardest working filmmakers in the industry right now having helmed action flicks like ASIAN CONNECTION with Steven Seagal as well as the upcoming INVINCIBLE with DAYLIGHT'S END star Johnny Strong and international martial arts star Marko Zaror. Zirilli also has the upcoming vigilante pic HOLLOW POINT waiting in the wings which features Luke Goss, Michael Pare and JuJu Chan and the director, writer and producer isn't slowing down anytime soon with having just finished shooting the action-thriller ACCELERATION with Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Liddell in which he co-directed with Michael Merino. He is everywhere! ... View More

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