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WIRA: Adrian Teh-Directed Martial Arts Actioner Streams Globally On Netflix June 15 (Film Combat Syndicate / Jun 10, 2020 / by Lee B. Golden III)

It’s a welcoming thing that Netflix has become such a beacon for elevated genre cinema in some aspects.
The streamer’s accomodation of such hits freshly out of Indonesia, The Phillipines such as The Raid, Merantau and The Night Comes For Us, Erik Matti’s BuyBust and Pedring Lopez’s Maria, are just several examples aimed at pulling in fans of action who are in the market for productions out of Asia.... View More

AMERICAN FIGHTER Conquers In The U.K. This Summer From Signature (Film Combat Syndicate / Jun 2, 2020 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Shaun Paul Piccinino’s American Fighter stood tall at Fantasia last summer, if my own thoughts on the film are of any hint. It’s the film that follows up from Alex Ranarivelo’s 2016 based-on-a-true-story induction, American Wrestler: The Wizard, with actor George Kosturos reprising his character now for a more fictional telling, and served with a few doses of kicks, throws and body blows to boot.... View More

COBRA KAI: Season 3 Needs a New Home as YouTube Releases The Hit Series (Action-Flix / May 30, 2020 / by John M Jerva)

Just like millions and millions of fans, I was immediately drawn back into the world of The Karate Kid as YouTube released its nostalgic series Cobra Kai which saw the return of Ralph Macchio’s Daniel Laruso and William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence from the original series of films.... View More

The Legacy of Lies Trailer with Scott Adkins Packs a Punch (and a Few Kicks!) (Action-Flix / May 20, 2020 / by Braden White)

Directed and written by Adrian Bol, this trailer is packed full of action clips of every variety from fight scenes, shoot-outs, and even some small chase clips thrown in for good measure. Even in his mid-40s, Adkins shows no signs of slowing down. Legacy of Lies will be released on VOD and DVD on July 28th. Keep it locked and loaded right here on Action-Flix for more information on more Scott Adkins projects and all other things in action cinema!!!... View More

CAGEFIGHTER: WORLDS COLLIDE Teases The Main Event With Dramatic Fervor In The Official Trailer (Film Combat Syndicate / May 6, 2020 / by Lee B. Golden III)

The progress made on director Jesse Quiñones’s upcoming new fight thriller, Cagefighter: Worlds Collide, asserts a major case in point for the effort made toward its development and evident production dating back to 2014. Montagnani, who has a few screen credits of his own apart from this film, and has been involved with Cagefighter: World’s Collide dating back to its inception six years ago. He also leads fight choreography on the new film with stunt direction by Daniel Ford Beavis.... View More

SKYLINES: Cha-Lee Yoon To Join Liam O’Donnell’s New Sci-Fi Action Threequel [EXCLUSIVE] (Film Combat Syndicate / Sep 17, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

German-Korean actor and martial artist Cha-Lee Yoon will join the cast of Liam O’Donnell’s new movie, Skylines, which is currently in post-production for a fourth quarter 2020 release.... View More

MORTAL KOMBAT: Max Huang To Play Kung Lao As Cameras Roll In South Australia (Film Combat Syndicate / Sep 16, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Chinese/German actor and martial artist  is coveting the role of warrior monk, Kung Lao, for Simon McQuoid’s Mortal Kombat, which began filming in South Australia on Monday from New Line Cinema.... View More

WELCOME TO SUDDEN DEATH: Michael Jai White And Gary Owen Lead ‘Thriller’ Director’s Reboot Of 1995 JCVD Hit For Universal 1440 (Film Combat Syndicate / Aug 21, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Last year’s exiting Los Angeles Film Festival saw the premiere of director Dallas Jackson’s coming-of-age Blumhouse revenge slasher, Thriller. I tried posting a trailer for that one ahead of its screening before it quietly got removed from its channel and I hadn’t seen or heard from that film or its filmmaker since, so I never really got to share a post on it.

The film eventually surprised folks with a Netflix release back in April and it’s currently on my watchlist while Jackson retains his career progression into some interesting territory with Welcome To Sudden Death from Universal 1140. It’s now underway in Winnepeg, Canada with a cast that lists martial arts star and actor Michael Jai WHITE and actor and comedian Gary Owen.
... View More

Koichi Sakamoto’s BLACKFOX: AGE OF THE NINJA Teaser Revealed (Film Combat Syndicate / Aug 1, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

World-renowned martial arts champion, actress Chihiro Yamaoto, makes her lead debut in Koichi Sakamoto's Blackfox: Age Of The Ninja. Hailing from Nihon Eiga Broadcasting for in-house paid TV service, Samurai Drama Channel, the first teaser is already making the rounds – billed as a live-action prequel feature to the pending October 5 release of sci-fi anime, Blackfox.... View More

Rossatron Talks DRUNKEN MASTER 2: The Best Fight Scene Ever? (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 23, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

For nearly fifty years, revered action cinema luminary Jackie CHAN has dazzled the big screen with the kind of captivating, innovative and death-defying stuntwork that has made his career what it is today. His 1994 kung fu cinema diptych with LAU Kar Leung, Drunken Master 2, remains nothing short of one of his highest marks in this regard...... View More

WU ASSASSINS: Iko Uwais, Punching Faces In Small Spaces In A First Look Clip (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 23, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Consider this your 24-hour warning as Netflix now ramps up its campaign this week for the premiere of upcoming martial arts drama, Wu Assassins. The Iko UWAIS-led series brings the pain in ten-episodes on August 8 while you can now sample some in the Twitter clip just below. ... View More

WU ASSASSINS Official Series Trailer Unleashes Martial Arts Mastery And Mayhem! (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 23, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

The first official clip is already making the rounds for Netflix’s forthcoming ten-episode action drama, Wu Assassins. The streamer now adds to the fervor with on official series trailer packing well over a punch with actor Iko UWAIS leading the charge, a major mainstream milestone for his career in front of a global audience.... View More

Win MASTER Z And Mojin On Blu-Ray From Well Go USA! (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 17, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

I had to wait a little while to help make this happen, but thanks to the good and kind hearts at Well Go USA, I can with a fresh new giveaway of FIVE copies of YUEN Woo-Ping’s Master Z: Ip Man Legacy. The film opens on Blu-ray Combo Pack & DVD beginning July 23 but you can now own yours absolutely free.... View More

MARIA 2: Yayan Ruhian And Cecep Arif Rahman Circling Cristine Reyes Action Sequel [EXCLUSIVE] (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 15, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Director Pedring Lopez is setting up to return to the helm for Maria 2 with a spritely roster of Indonesian talent with Yayan RUHIAN and Cecep Arif RAHMAN. The sequel brings lead actress Christine Reyes and director Pedring Lopez back into the fold once more for a late 2019 production start.... View More

MORTAL KOMBAT: Joe Taslim Covets The Role Of Sub-Zero (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 9, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

The Night Comes For Us star Joe TASLIM is first on the roster to be cast for Simon McQuoid’s upcoming Mortal Kombat film as key character, Sub-Zero. Production is officially slated to kick off later this year in South Australia.... View More

CRAZY MUSASHI: Tak Sakaguchi Unleashes The Crazy In A First Teaser (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 7, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

A year and change since director and action stylist Yuji Shimomura teased a first look at longtime friend and cult film star Tak Sakaguchi’s character in Crazy Musashi, a first teaser has finally arrived online.... View More

IRON FISTS AND KUNG FU KICKS Trailer: Serge Ou’s New Martial Arts Cinema Doc To Screen For The 67th MIFF (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 4, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

The 67th Melbourne International Film Festival kicks off on August 1 with a versatile line-up of titles, several of which are making the rounds in other fests as we speak. This no less extends to prolific documentary filmmaker and producer Serge Ou who sits at the helm for the world premiere of Iron Fists And Kung Fu Kicks, thanks in key part to the festival’s MIFF Premiere Fund.... View More

LADY 2: Watch Stephanie Pham Mutilate A Room Full Of Sex Traffickers In The Relentless New ASDO Action Short (NSFW) (Film Combat Syndicate / Jul 4, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

March 2018 saw a brief change of pace for director Joey Min with Lady, a three-minute experiment with a more “gritty and serious” direction apart from his usual kung fu comedy formula. Lady was a hit with fans and followers on YouTube, coalescing with the following success of Min’s highly-celebrated My Asian Auntie sequel, Yes, Auntie!, and so Min and actress/martial artist Stephanie Pham are back and in brutal and bloody fashion with Lady 2.

... View More

JIU JITSU: A Fighter Will Rise On the New Poster for the Martial Arts Sci-Fi Epic! ( / Jun 29, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Just this week, I brought the word that Jiu Jitsu, the new martial arts sci-fi film starring Alain Moussi, Nicolas Cage, Tony Jaa, Frank Grillo and JuJu Chan had started production. The film which is being helmed by Kickboxer: Retaliation director Dimitri Logothetis combines the best of the action and sci-fi genres and with the talent involved, the fight sequences should rock the house!
A press conference was also held to promote the film and all the stars and director were in attendance and check out some pics from the event below courtesy of award winning Hong Kong director and action master Antony Szeto who was on hand at the event! ... View More

BARE KNUCKLE BRAWLER Trailer: Pete Passaro Fights To The Deadly Finish (Film Combat Syndicate / Jun 24, 2019 / by Lee B. GOLDEN III)

Sometime last year I was made aware of actor and filmmaker Joe Gawalis’ third feature, Bare Knuckle Brawler. That film has since taken to a few exclusive festival screenings which explains the quotes on artwork, and now bares an official trailer to make its case to the public.
For this, we get a cast led by actor Pete Passaro who plays Steve Calderon, the proverbial “loose cannon” in a family of cops and a subculture of discipline, he was a loose cannon. Among other things in the course of his begrudged return home, Steve will be driven to take matters into his own hands and infiltrate an illegal bare knuckle fighting circuit run by an untouchable crime family in order to avenge his younger brother’s death.... View More

TRIPLE THREAT: The Action Epic of the Year Hits Netflix in North America! ( / Jun 24, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Earlier this year and on my old site, I promoted the star studded action extravaganza Triple Threat quite heavily and to this day, I think that no one did more posts on the film then I did but I digress and now we have some awesome news in that the movie just hit Netflix here in North America over the weekend!
If you’ve been living under a rock or someplace without Wi-Fi, Triple Threat is the firepwer and fisticuffs filled action event of the year from director Jesse V. Johnson and it stars the elite of the elite when it comes to action stars including Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, Tiger Hu Chen, Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Michael Bisping, JeeJa Yanin and Celina Jade.... View More

THE ROOKIES: Milla Jovovich Leads the Upcoming Chinese Action Blockbuster which Debuts a New Poster and Trailer! ( / Jun 24, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Actress Milla Jovovich may have said goodbye to the Resident Evil franchise but that doesn’t mean that she is saying goodbye to the action genre as she is starring in her first Hong Kong action-thriller The Rookies which comes to us from director Alan Yuen who is best known for helming the Andy Lau 2013 action flick Firestorm. The film is finally getting a July release in its native China and now we have a new poster and trailer to share with you so by all means, scroll down below!... View More

Jaa, Chan, Grillo and Yune board “Jiu Jitsu”! (Kung Fu Kingdom / Jun 17, 2019 / by Brad CURRAN)

Following his previous directorial outing with 2018’s “Kickboxer: Retaliation”, Dimitri Logothetis is preparing to step into the director’s chair once again with the sci-fi martial-arts thriller “Jiu Jitsu”. On top of re-teaming Logothetis with veteran stunt man and “Retaliation” star Alain Moussi, “Jiu Jitsu” looks to boast quite the ensemble, with not only Nicolas Cage joining the project back in March, but also the newer additions of Tony Jaa, JuJu Chan, Frank Grillo and Rick Yune too!... View More

Now On Kickstarter: Bat In The Sun’s LEGEND OF THE WHITE DRAGON Revealed (Film Combat Syndicate / Jun 12, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

After several days of teasing fans with vague images and posts, Bat In The Sun is now all in with their latest Kickstarter now live for Legend Of The White Dragon. Fans who’ve eyed the buzz on this project so far will undoubtedly recognize its DNA – made obvious with the clear casting of talents like Jason David Frank and Johnny Yong Bosch, former stars of a certain long-running tokusatsu series. ... View More

MULAN: Crystal Liu Yifei Defies Conventions In The First Official Teaser For Disney’s Live-Action Epic (Film Combat Syndicate / Jun 7, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

To think at any point before last year we could have ended up with a whiter version of Walt Disney Pictures’s current live-action incarnation of Mulan is just crazy on its face. Sadly, that’s a reality long etched in Hollywood history and one that the town is now tackling one film at a time, and especially with helmer Niki Caro’s latest prospective feat from the House Of Mouse as it now samples the goods for the masses with an official teaser now online.... View More

BOYKA is Coming to the Small Screen as UNDISPUTED is Set for a TV Series! ( / May 22, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

During last week's Cannes Film Festival, news broke that the UNDISPUTED film franchise which catapulted Scott Adkins into super stardom is ready to hit the small screen with a new TV series. The Hollywood Reporterbroke the word last week and even announced that franchise director Isaac Florentine was on board to helm it as well!! 
According to THR: Martial arts movie franchise Undisputed — the four-strong hit film series that began in 2002 and has starred the likes of Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames and helped break out Scott Adkins as major action name — is being rebooted for the small screen, with original producer Millennium on board alongside London-based sales banner Empire Films, The Hollywood Reporter can reveal.... View More

JOHN WICK 4 is Set for May of 2021!!!! ( / May 22, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

One of the highlights of my vacation was being able to see Keanu Reeves tear it up on an IMAX screen in JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3-PARABELLUM. I rarely get to see action films on opening day and this time I was able to see the first showing the Thursday night before. The third entry was true action bliss and it raised the bar for all other action films in the future. This entry contained a lot more close quarters combat to go along with the firepower and the climatic fisticuffs between Reeves and Marck Dacascos and the stars of THE RAID films was the stuff of legends. There was hardly a slow part to be had in the film and it is without a doubt an instant action classic.... View More

THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE: Jesse Eisenberg Throws Down In The New Official Trailer (Film Combat Syndicate / May 22, 2019 / by Lee B. GOLDEN III)

Just in time for the Cobra Kai hype, Jesse Eisenberg is following up his SXSW outing in writer/director Riley Stearns’ latest, The Art Of Self-Defense with a progressive theatircal rollout this July. The offiical trailer is now up and running… that is, unlike Eisenberg’s character, a bookeeper who is apparently done with running from thugs. Instead, now he’s throat punching people in mid-dialogue and taking on his low key maniacal karate teacher, played by actor Alessandro Nivola.... View More

IP MAN 4: THE FINALE- Donnie Yen is Blazing On the New Poster for the Upcoming Sequel ( / May 10, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Ip Man 4 is an upcoming Hong Kong biographical martial arts film directed by Wilson Yip and produced by Raymond Wong. It is the fourth in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster of the same name and features Donnie Yen reprising the role. Yen stars along with Adkins who will be going one on one with the master and the other cast members include Vanness Wu and Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan as Bruce Lee. Master fight director Yuen Woo Ping handles the directing duties once again with Yen, Raymond Wong, Yip Wai Shun serving as producers. ... View More

Peep The First Artwork For Hong Kong Stunt Doc, KUNG FU STUNTMEN: NEVER SAY NO (Film Combat Syndicate / May 10, 2019 / by Lee B. GOLDEN III)

Stunt professionals still don’t have an Oscar category, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get to celebrate themselves and Wei Junzi’s new documentary, Kung Fu Stuntmen: Never Say No is coming to iterate that point. This wouldn’t be the first stunt documentary and it certainly won’t be the last, while it’s also one for the Asian film crowd as the subjects here include legends like yYUEN Woo-Ping, Jackie Chan, Tony Ching, Sammo Hung, JC Stunt veteran Mars, and many more.... View More

LEGACY OF LIES: Scott Adkins Makes a Call in the 1st Official Image from His Newest Action-Thriller! ( / May 9, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Proving once again that he is one of the hardest working actors in action cinema, Scott Adkins posted an official image of his newest action-thriller titled LEGACY OF LIES on his official Facebook page. The new film which just started filming is being helmed by Adrian Bol who has also directed the feature films psycho-chiller-thriller CASTINGX. Adkins is currently filming the movie in Kyiv, Ukraine and you can check out the full image below along with what Adkins had to say!... View More

STRAPPED: Scott Adkins and Director Isaac Florentine are Set for the New MMA Thriller! ( / May 9, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

It has literally been minutes since I posted the news that action star Scott Adkins has started filming his new thriller LEGACY OF LIES and now I have even more great news as Screen Daily has dropped the 411 that Adkins is reuniting with director Isaac Florentine yet again for the ninth time for a new MMA thriller named STRAPPED. The film which will start shooting soon is headed for the Cannes Film Festival and the Santa Monica based Myriad Pictures will finance and launch international sales at the yearly event. ... View More

The War has Only Begun as YouTube Renews COBRA KAI for a Third Season! ( / May 3, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

The first season was a runaway hit as it struck the wonderful nostalgic nerve in all of us and the second season which just debuted last month continued the story first touched upon in the original 1984 film. The new series focused on Johnny and his reopening of the infamous Cobra Kai Dojo for a new generation which reopened old wounds with Daniel who is now a successful car salesman. After Johnny and his team won the All Valley Karate Tournament at the end of the first run of episodes, season 2 saw Daniel reestablish Miyagi Do Karate to compete with Lawrence and his gang. Things didn't go well as villainous John Kreese came back and essentially took over the dojo right from under Johnny's feet and is back to his old habits of training without mercy. The finale also ended in a massive school fight between the students that left one student seriously injured and a lot of doubt what is to come in for the future. ... View More

FESTIVE FILM BITS: Invincible Fighters, Kung Fu Killers, Schwarzengger And More (Film Combat Syndicate / May 2, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

At current, there’s still no wide U.S. release update yet for director Vasan Bala’s award-winning hit Indian martial arts comedy opus, The Man Who Feels No Pain.
Still. And THAT hurts. STILL.
At least for some, thankfully, there still lies hope for local areas stateside who still run festival screenings. Thus, this particular, and STILL highly celebrated hit movie out of festival circulation in Toronto and Mumbai last year will also get its day on May 18 at this year’s attending crowd for the DFW South Asian Film Festival.... View More

Hobbs and Shaw — Trailer No.2 (Kung-Fu Kingdom / Apr 26, 2019 / by Brad CURRAN)

The film will see the buddy pairing of two of the breakout characters from the series’ more recent chapters, Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, played again by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham. Following Shaw’s adversarial relationship with the entire “Fast and Furious” crew, and Hobbs especially, in 2015’s “Furious 7“, he became an unlikely ally when he and his old foes were forced to battle a common enemy in 2017’s “The Fate of the Furious”. The chemistry of Johnson and Statham as both opponents and allies proved to be one of the most widely praised aspects of both films, ultimately leading Universal to greenlight their spin-off from the main “Fast and Furious” series.... View More

THE CONSPIRACY: Cameras Roll In Romania For Andrei Lupu’s Indie Revenge Action Thriller (Film Combat Syndicate / Apr 23, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Close to eighteen months have passed since the development and pre-production of upcoming independent actioner, The Conspiracy. Nowadays the cast and crew can be found somewhere in Romania well underway on the set of Andrei Lupu’s directorial debut.
Actor/martial arts talents François Mequer and Max Repossi will star in the respective roles of Noa and Leon, a pair of search-and-rescue contract experts on the mend after a failed operation resulting in the death of a target as well as a friend on the force. ... View More

Adrian Teh’s WIRA Returns Yayan Ruhian To Martial Arts Villainy In The Official Launch Teaser (Film Combat Syndicate / Apr 22, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Malaysian outlet Astro Shaw officially unveiled its launch teaser for upcoming action thriller, Wira. It’s director Adrian Teh’s latest follow-up from hit military actioner, Paskal, which reportedly sparked his interest in another military-themed project after the 2018 movie became a local hit.
As the logline dictates, Wira has actors Hairul Azreen and Henley Hii rejoining Teh for the story of “an ex-military force character who is fearless in fighting but chooses to deal with problems in his diplomatic ways. ... View More

Max Zhang and Anderson Silva are at Odds On the New Poster for THE INVINCIBLE DRAGON! ( / Apr 22, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

In THE INVINCIBLE DRAGONZhang stars as a tattooed undercover police officer, who while investigating a series of murders with his elite team must contend with the kidnapping of his fiance. All of this erupts into all out war with a mysterious American combat veteran (Silva) who is up to no good whatsoever. 
The rest of the cast includes Annie Liu, Richard Ng, Kevin Cheng, Stephy Tang, Zhang's SPL 2 cohort Louis Koo (the upcoming Warriors of Future) as well as JuJu Chan who has also starred in SAVAGE DOG with Scott Adkins and also the upcoming action-thriller HOLLOW POINT with Luke Goss and Michael Pare.... View More

THE DIVINE FURY: Park Seo-Joon Prepares For A Martial Arts War With The Devil In The First Teaser (Film Combat Syndicate / Apr 19, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Last year’s American Film Market saw some terrific strides for sales outlet Lotte Entertainment whose Fall packaging of Jason Kim’s new thriller, The Divine Fury, pre-sold to multiple territories. It wrapped production last Fall marking the latest reunion for Kim and his Midnight Runners star, actor Park Seo-Joon (The Chronicles Of Evil) who plays a martial arts champion imbued by divine powers to battle powerful evil force, a thrilling setup for what we now get to sample in the first teaser ahead of its summer release.... View More

HIT & RUN Trailer: Joe Taslim’s New Indonesian Action Comedy Delivers Heavy-Hitting Thrills With A Dose Of Screwball Laughs (Film Combat Syndicate / Apr 19, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

Action star Joe Taslim is having an incredible run the last eight years since 2011 crime hit, The Raid. It’s brought him an even bigger spotlight on the world stage in film and TV and with hits like Furious 6, The Night Comes For Us and his current outing in Cinemax series, WarriorSkakmat director Ody C. Harahap’s new action comedy, Hit N Run, now looks to add to the fan hype.... View More

GEN-X COPS 3 Confirmed with the Original Cast Members and Director Returning! ( / Apr 17, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Fans of the Hong Kong action series GEN-X COPS have gotten an early Christmas present as it was confirmed that a third film is indeed in the works with director Benny Chan returning to helm the film along with the original cast members Stephen Fung, Nicolas Tse, Sam Lee, and Daniel Wu per Far East Films.

... View More

Top 10 Wolverine Movie Fights (Kung-Fu Kingdom / Apr 12, 2019 / by Brad CURRAN)

Mr. Jackman’s unforgettable, uber-charismatic performance was absolutely instrumental in bringing the superhero genre to where it is today, and anyone currently basking in the golden-age of comic book movies will forever be indebted to him. And something we can all agree upon – he really raised the bar for superhero action, as well. With a training regimen that gave him the body of a god, he never left audiences wanting when it came to the action sequences of the “X-Men” films, and they were some heavy-hitters, indeed. With three adamantium claws in each hand, Wolverine was practically, genetically engineered with the abilities of a Samurai or a Silat master, and the world was treated to many incredible superhero brawls during Mr. Jackman’s time playing the character.

... View More

Dave Bautista Set to Star in Director DJ Caruso's Action-Thriller KILLER'S GAME ( / Apr 11, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

The Dave Bautista promotional train keeps on moving as we now have official word from Collider.comthat the former WWE superstar turned Hollywood leading man is set to now star in the STXfilms action-thriller KILLER'S GAME which is set to be helmed by DJ Caruso who also directed xXx: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE.This news comes off the heels of the trailer releases for two of Bautista's other upcoming films MY SPY which is also from STXfilms and STUBER for 20th Century Fox. The man is just plain busy. No wonder why he had to retire from the WWE.... View More

Netflix Acquires Director Pedring Lopez's Filipino Actioner MARIA! ( / Apr 11, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Director Pedring A. Lopez's searing Filipino action-thriller MARIA starring Cristine Reyes is currently burning up cinema screens all across its native Philippines and the movie is getting awesome word of mouth from critics and audiences alike praising the film's bad assery while at the same time heralding Reyes' performance and thus far, the movie is on fire. ... View More

KUNG FU YOGA 2 with Jackie Chan in Development ( / Apr 10, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

After Jackie Chan squashed any and all rumors that a RUSH HOUR 4 was happening anytime soon, Martial Arts Action Cinema has brought the word that another Chan film is developing a sequel. The film in question is KUNG FU YOGA and the news was brought to light by Chan's co-star in the film  Sonu Sood. The actor dropped the news after he had shared a dinner in the UAE with both Chan and director Stanley Tong. ... View More

Idris Elba Will Play a New Character and Not DEADSHOT in James Gunn's SUICIDE SQUAD 2 ( / Apr 7, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. I say that I'm not going to post anymore DC related movie news unless its a trailer as the tides are constantly turning over at Warner Bros. Here's the new case in point as it is being reported that Idris Elba will no longer be playing Deadshot in director James Gunn's sequel that is a reboot. Elba had been announced as taking over the role from Will Smith who had to officially bow out due to scheduling conflicts. Now it it being said that Warner Bros. wants to leave the door open for Smith's return to the character in the future and Elba will be playing a brand new character although that character is top secret for now. ... View More

HIT AND RUN: Joe Taslim is Bringing the Frenetic Action Once Again with His Newest Action-Comedy ( / Apr 5, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Indonesian martial artist, stuntman, actor and all around bad ass Joe Taslim is making quite the name for himself these days with his starring role in the action and blood drenched THE NIGHT COMES FOR US which is currently tearing up Netflix as we speak. The actor, who burst onto the action scene back in 2011 when he starred alongside Iko Uwais in THE RAID, followed that up with a role in the blockbuster hit FURIOUS 6 where he gave our car racing heroes a huge run for their money. Taslim will also be seen this Friday as he has a recurring role on Cinemax's newest adrenalized martial arts series WARRIOR which debuts at 10/9c on the pay cable service. ... View More

HELLBOY'S David Harbour Joins Scarlett Johansson's BLACK WIDOW SOLO FILM!! ( / Apr 4, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Screen Rant is bringing the word that David Harbour, who will be seen this month in the HELLBOY reboot, has officially signed on to join Scarlett Johansson's solo BLACK WIDOW film. The BLACK WIDOW film has been in development for a while now and now it is starting to come together as pre-production is getting underway. 

There are no plot details on the film or where it will fit into the MCU. Harbour joins other cast member Florence Pugh (Fighting with My Family). There are other reports stating that Oscar winning actress Rachel Weisz is also in talks for a role in the film. There are no details on any of this which pretty much makes for a boring story at the moment but hopefully that will change in the future.

... View More

Scott Adkins is Ready to Bring the Pain as AVENGEMENT is Due to Hit DVD this June! ( / Mar 31, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

O.K. tell the truth. How many times have you watched TRIPLE THREAT since it hit Digital and VOD last week? Be honest. Well, now that the epic film is burning up everybody's flat screens, we now turn our attention to Scott Adkins' next action offering that will be doing the same thing in the form of the brutal and HARD HITTING gangster epic AVENGEMENT which again sees the action star working with his new go to director Jesse V. Johnson. The release of the trailer has sent fans into a tizzy with its footage of Adkins going completely ape shit on anyone and everyone with his fists and feet and various other weapons he picks up on occasion. Dare I say another instant classic from Mr. Adkins and Mr. Johnson?... View More

SHADOW: Wuxia Action is Back as Well Go USA is Set to Release the Martial Arts Thriller this May ( / Mar 31, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Fans of wuxia martial arts action cinema will soon have cause for celebration as Well Go USAis set to premiere the new adventure SHADOW in a limited release this May. SHADOW hails from acclaimed director Zhang Yimou who has given us the breathtaking epics HERO with Jet Li and HOUISE OF FLYING DAGGERS. His newest offering looks like it will be loaded with all the exuberant fight choreography and breathtaking visuals that these types of films are known for. Check out the new poster and stills from the May release down below!... View More

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