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Junglee: Bollywood Actioner Coming Soon! (Kung-Fu Kingdom / Mar 22, 2019 / by Brad CURRAN)

Jammwal leads the film in the role of Raj, who finds himself defending his jungle friends from the clutches of a gang of elephant poachers. Per the film’s official synopsis: Junglee is a family-adventure film, revolving around a vet, who on his homecoming to his father’s elephant reserve, re-unites with his childhood friend- Bhola, the elephant, and fights an international poachers racket.”

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The Holy Grail of Action Films Unleashes Tomorrow as TRIPLE THREAT Hits Select Cinemas and Digital! ( / Mar 21, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

If you were one of the ones that was unfortunate to not be able to see TRIPLE THREAT when it hit theaters this past Tuesday for its one night event, you have a second chance to catch the action event of the year as it will make its debut on Digital Platforms and VOD tomorrow as well as show in select cinemas in certain cities. Action fans all over the world have been waiting for this one and now you will be able to own it on Digital and VOD to watch over and over again because trust me, you will want to!... View More

AVENGEMENT: Scott Adkins and Crew are Ready for Retribution with New Images from the Action-Thriller ( / Mar 20, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Yesterday, action fans and Scott Adkins fans were treated to a lethal dose of TRIPLE THREAT as the film unleashed all over the country for its one night assault in theaters. With the film hitting select cinemas and VOD this Friday, we are starting to focus on the next Adkins collaboration with director Jesse V. Johnson in the form of the brutal revenge thriller AVENGEMENT.... View More

JIU JITSU: Nicolas Cage Signs On for Alain Moussi's Upcoming Sci-Fi Action-Thriller! ( / Mar 20, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Yesterday was a busy day for me as I traveled to see TRIPLE THREAT on the big scree and one piece of cool news that dropped yesterday had to do with KICKBOXER franchise star Alain Moussi's next action offering after he wraps up the third and final installment in the series titled KICKBOXER: ARMAGEDDON. The new film is titled JIU JITSU and it also reunites him with his KICKBOXER director  Dimitri Logothetis. The film centers on Moussi who plays an elite fighter who will decide the fate of mankind. No pressure at all. Deadlinebrought the exciting word yesterday that Mr. Nicolas Cage himself has signed on for the project.... View More

THE EXPENDABLES 4 Reportedly Set to Film in Tunisia ( / Mar 20, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

At this point in my life, I don't know what to believe anymore when it comes to a fourth installment of THE EXPENDABLES franchise but I still hold out hope that we will eventually get another action fueled entry starring Stallone and his merry band of mercs including Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture. Last year, it was reported that a Chinese company named Dadi had acquired Mainland China rights to the film and was co-financing it but after that it has been Zero Dark Thirty on any other news. Stallone has gone on to film CREED II and RAMBO: LAST BLOOD in the meantime and we still wait for any juicy details to come our way.... View More

The Clock is Ticking for John Wick and Co. On New Posters Released Ahead of Tomorrow's New Trailer! ( / Mar 20, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

We are now officially less than two months away from the highly anticipated release of JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3- PARABELLUM which is the third and supposed last entry in the blockbuster action franchise and we just got official confirmation yesterday that an all-new second trailer is locked and loaded to drop tomorrow. Director Chad Stahelski and company are teasing us big time with all the awesome footage from the first trailer as well as images from the film popping up left and right. ... View More

IP MAN 4: Donnie Yen's Epic Finale to His Martial Arts Franchise Spawns a New Poster & Teaser! ( / Mar 18, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Donnie Yen's blockbuster martial arts franchise IP MAN is probably one of the most revered sagas to ever grace the silver screen and when a fourth film was announced when the third film was supposed to be the finale, fans lost their minds to know that they were going to get one last entry in the series of films that tells the historic story of the legendary man who would eventually become Bruce Lee's teacher. When it was then announced that action star Scott Adkins was joining the movie and would throw down with Yen, fans went into a tizzy over the fact that they were going to see two of the greatest on screen fighters go toe to toe. ... View More

Wheels on Meals — Blu-ray Competition! (Kung-Fu Kingdom / Mar 18, 2019 / by Glen STANWAY)

The masters of restored re-releases, Eureka Entertainment have added “WHEELS ON MEALS” to their increasingly impressive catalogue of martial arts action classics! A spectacular, non-stop action comedy starring Jackie ChanSammo Hung and Yuen Biao, “Wheels on Meals” is presented from a brand new 2K restoration for the first time ever on Blu-ray in the UK as part of the Eureka Classics range on 18th March 2019. Available with a Limited Edition slipcase and booklet [4000 copies only].... View More

EXCLUSIVE: INVINCIBLE Director Daniel Zirilli & Marko Zaror Reunite for the New Film AFFINITY! ( / Mar 14, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Director Daniel Zirilli is probably one of the hardest working filmmakers in the industry right now having helmed action flicks like ASIAN CONNECTION with Steven Seagal as well as the upcoming INVINCIBLE with DAYLIGHT'S END star Johnny Strong and international martial arts star Marko Zaror. Zirilli also has the upcoming vigilante pic HOLLOW POINT waiting in the wings which features Luke Goss, Michael Pare and JuJu Chan and the director, writer and producer isn't slowing down anytime soon with having just finished shooting the action-thriller ACCELERATION with Dolph Lundgren and Chuck Liddell in which he co-directed with Michael Merino. He is everywhere! ... View More


It is being reported that Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired the U.S. rights to the film which sees Adkins starring as Cain Burgess, a hardened criminal who is out for some bloody revenge. The news comes with a brand new image of Adkins from the film which you can see in full below along with the official press release... View More

Warner Bros. and DC Put Idris Elba in Their Crosshairs to Replace Will Smith in SUICIDE SQUAD 2 (Action-Flix.Com / Mar 7, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Last week, DC fans went into a tizzy when it was announced that Will Smith had exited SUICIDE SQUAD 2 due to his busy schedule leaving Warner Bros. and writer/director James Gunn scrambling to find a suitable replacement for the star. It was pretty evident that they wanted someone with star power who could fill the void left by Smith and it appears that they have done just that as The Hollywood Reporter is saying that they have in deed found their Deadshot in Idris Elba. The actor has starred in such genre films as PACIFIC RIM, STAR TREK BEYOND and has, of course, played Heimdall in the THOR and AVENGERS films for the MCU.... View More

HOOD: A LEGEND REBORN- Adam Collins' Brutal Follow Up to OUTLAWED is Ready to Start Production! (Action-Flix.Com / Mar 7, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Former Royal Marine commando Adam Collins is a star on the rise ever since leaving the elite force to become a professional stuntman turned actor and filmmaker. Collins took the action genre by storm late last year when he released the adrenaline pumping indie action-thriller OUTLAWED which he also directed with Luke Radford. OUTLAWED was a brutal and explosive homage to the awesome action films of the 80's and 90's while injecting some current action swagger at the same time. The film has since seen a successful DVD release and is now on Netflix for all to enjoy.... View More

TRIPLE THREAT Hits China on March 29th! U.S. Theater Info is Now Live! (Action-Flix.Com / Mar 6, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

I was off yesterday and while I was spending some quality time with my wonderful family, the awesome news came out that TRIPLE THREAT is ready to blow the doors off Chinese cinemas this month when the action ensemble epic premieres on March 29th in Beijing. That is exactly ten days after the movie will debut in the U.S. for a one night showing in cinemas across the nation.
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Rumor is Marvel is still Planning an R Rated BLADE Movie with Wesley Snipes (Action-Flix.Com / Mar 4, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Months back, Wesley Snipes had mentioned that Marvel was in talks with him to continue on the BLADE legacy and while many got excited, there were also many who were skeptical. Well folks, the story is still kicking around and according to a source close the the website We Got This Covered, Marvel is still planning a new BLADE film with Snipes's involvement. Insert grain of salt here.... View More

EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Tandiono of HBO Asia's GRISSE Shout Out for! (Action-Flix.Com / Mar 3, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Actress, Model and all around bad ass Kelly Tandiono is one of the most exciting up and coming talents in the business and she shows no signs of slowing down. The fitness model who is also a leading lady in film like THE ABC'S OF DEATH, Street Society and GANGSTER can now be seen in the hit HBO Asia action-drama series GRISSE where she plays Hidayat, who is one of the brave few who launches a rebellion against oppression and tyranny in the colonial era of Dutch India during the 19th century.... View More

Cung Le is Armed and Deadly On the New Poster for the Vietnamese Action Film THE TARGET (Action-Flix.Com / Mar 2, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Former MMA champion Cung Le has been making quite the name for himself outside of the Octagon as he has been establishing himself as an action star in a slew of films like DRAGON EYES, PUNCTURE WOUNDS and most recently SAVAGE DOG where he went toe to toe with Scott Adkins in one of the film's many brutal fights. Le is now poised and ready to take on Vietnamese action cinema with a new offering titled THE TARGET which has just unveiled a new promotional teaser poster which showcases a rain drenched Le holding a very deadly looking gun/blade combo that looks simply bad ass.... View More

MASTER Z: IP MAN LEGACY- A New Domestic Poster and Images Debut for the Martial Arts Epic! (Action-Flix.Com / Feb 28, 2019 / by John M JERVA)

Well Go USA is starting to roll out the promotional train for its next big movie after TRIPLE THREAT which is IP MAN LEGACY: MASTER Z starring action giants Max Zhang as well as Tony Jaa, Dave Bautista and Michelle Yeoh. The spin-off film from Donnie Yen's IP MAN 3 sees Zhang playing his character of Cheung Tin Chi once again in a new adventure ripe with spectacular fight sequences from Hong Kong action icon 
Yuen Wo Ping.... View More

Triple Threat: New Trailer Arrives Online! (Kung-Fu Kingdom / Feb 15, 2019 / by Brad CURRAN)

The first trailer for the highly anticipated team-up of martial arts masters that is “Triple Threat” got fans hyped for the film expecting it to drop in 2018. Needless to say, we’ve had to wait a little longer, but patience is a virtue, as they say. Fans can now mark their calendars for the release of “Triple Threat”, which is set to make its debut in China on February 28th. Fortunately, moviegoers in the English-speaking world won’t have to wait much longer, with the film set to release in North American theaters and VOD platforms on March 22nd, with a one-night wide release event on March 19th. With the long-awaited release date of “Triple Threat” now in sight, fans can also whet their appetites with the new, action-packed trailer which you can see below!... View More

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum trailer online! (Kung-Fu Kingdom / Jan 24, 2019 / by Brad CURRAN)

Students of Latin will be intimately familiar with the saying “Sic vis pacem, para bellum” – “If you want peace, prepare for war”. As evidenced by the title ofJohn Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”, the world’s deadliest assassin has nothing less than a war to contend with after violating the sacred space of The Continental in 2017’s “John Wick: Chapter 2“. And in the lead up to the film’s highly anticipated May 17th release, fans can catch a glimpse at just how much of a war Mr. Wick is in for, with the film’s recently released trailer, which you can see below…... View More

D-DAY: World War II Rumbles In The Official Trailer (Film Combat Syndicate / Jan 21, 2019 / by Lee B. Golden III)

It was earlier this summer upon the 75th anniversary of D-Day that Cinedigm declared U.S. rights to The Asylum’s WWII war epic, D-Day. The film stars Randy COUTURE and Chuck Liddell and has since been dated for a September 13 theatrical and digital release with an October DVD release to follow.... View More

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